Paradise, Past, Present, and Future Released

Paradise, Past, Present and Future has now been released. This new book, written by Pastor Diego Rodriguez, concisely answers many of the questions that Christian have about Heaven and eternity. Questions like:
  • Where do Christians go when they die?
  • Will I remember my life on Earth when I get to Heaven?
  • What is Heaven going to be like?
  • Will I recognize my family in Heaven?

You’ve probably heard somebody say before that the Bible doesn’t say much about Heaven. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s impossible to imagine what Heaven will be like. Possibly, you’ve even been told that Heaven is not an actual location but a state of existence. Unfortunately, although such statements are widely circulated, all of them are wrong.

The Bible is not silent regarding Heaven. It is a real place and the Bible is replete with references to it’s past, present, and future. You do not need to be a Bible scholar or a master theologian to understand the blessedness of Heaven. You can understand it, you can grasp it, and most importantly you can look forward to it!

Paradise–Past, Present, and Future is all about helping believers everywhere look forward to their eternity. Heaven should not be relegated to the unknown, vague, or abstract. Heaven is our goal—it is our eternal destiny. It’s time to learn the truth about Heaven so that we can properly set our affections upon it.

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Psalm 145:13 “Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.”
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