Chapter Two - Introduction to Creation Science

In the day and age in which we live, it is very common to hear people say that the Bible does not agree with science. Because of years of false teaching in public education (government schools) and many more years of influence by our popular media institutions, most people have been convinced that the Bible is not scientifically accurate. However, these beliefs are not only incorrect, they are outright lies. Furthermore, these beliefs are rooted in a false foundation and are based upon an improper perspective. The truth is not that the Bible is scientifically inaccurate, but that some so-called “science” is Biblically inaccurate. In short, it is not our responsibility to test the Bible against popular science, but popular science must be tested against the Bible. The foundation that a Christian must have when endeavoring to study science is that the Bible is the final and ultimate authority.

The false foundation and improper perspective referred to earlier is the perspective that scientific discovery is authoritative and scientists are all-knowing and objective. These are the underlying premises that lurk behind every major “evolutionary evidence” or “science contradicts the Bible” statement or article. The problem is that people forget, or have never learned, what science is and what grounds for authority it has, or does not have.

We must remember that science is reported to us in our day by scientists who are fallible men. That means that they are capable of erring. In other words, scientists are not always right, and most of the time, scientists do not all agree with one another. Most public school teachers and media personnel would have you to believe that the stories they present are authoritative and final, and that science (i.e. all scientists) stand behind the story as being true. However, for every theory and discovery, there are always fully credible scientists with matching credentials who do not agree.

You must consider these things whenever you hear of “evolutionary evidence” or “new scientific discoveries” in the news. Many times throughout history, there have been long-held scientific beliefs that were completely overturned when plain and irrefutable new evidence was discovered. This being the case, you must understand that there may be widely held beliefs today, that can and will be overturned as we discover new evidences in the many different branches of science. Therefore, the only unchanging authority we have to place our confidence in is the eternal Word of our God, for He is the Creator of all things. This is why science must line up to the Bible, and the Bible does not need to be changed to fit science!

What is Science?

In its most basic sense, science is the study of things. Of course, we know and believe that all “things” were created by God. Therefore, true science is the study of God’s creation. This study is accomplished through observation, experimentation, and investigation. So, true science will not take away from God’s authority, but it will give God glory and increase man’s faith in his Creator through the observation and investigation of His creation. True science will give us a better indication of the Creator’s power, size, omnipotence, magnitude, strength, omniscience, perfection, providence, and love for man (to name a few). Simple faith allows you to believe things that you don’t understand. However, when you have a better insight into how and why you believe and accept the things that you do, it gives you more faith. For example, let us say that a child’s parents have told him not to stick his hand on a hot stove. By simple faith, a child will obey the words of his parents. However, when he gets older, he will learn that he cannot put his hand on the stove, because it will burn him. When he learns this, does this increase or decrease his faith in his parents? It increases his faith. It helps him to realize that his parents have more knowledge than him, and can help him in other areas of his life, just as they did with the stove. So it is with science and our Creator.

When we look at God’s creation, we can know and believe that God created all things. We can enjoy the beauty and splendor of his magnificent creation. However, when you study God’s creation and begin to break down the elements of God’s creation through scientific analysis, you will see the perfection and providence of God’s perfect designs and the great detail in which all things are created. This will build your faith. You will begin to see how much bigger God is than you previously imagined (He is not just big, He is beyond infinite). When you begin to see the hand of the Creator in all things, you will begin to see his never-ending love and mercy for fallen man. To have an understanding of the detail and exacting perfection of his perfect designs in the earth, sea, in land animals, fishes, birds, whales, horses, the sky, the stars, the moon, the planets, the universe, the human body, the organs of life, our skin, hair, fingers, the structures of society, the marriage bond, the family, and so on… And then to think, all these things were created for the ultimate purpose of God showing his love for us in the plan of redemption through Jesus Christ… this thought is overwhelming.

True science can help bring us to this understanding. However, we must always remember that anything that God creates for good is subject to the corruption of man. Families, churches, sexual reproduction, and even the laws of God are examples of things that have been instituted by God for good use, but have been corrupted and perverted by some people for their own pleasure. Such is the case with science. Science, primarily through the false foundation of evolution, has now been corrupted to the place that society has allowed all manner of vile sin and wickedness to enter in, all in the name of “science.” This is not true science, but it is corrupted and perverted science. It is science that is falsely called science. This is the science that the Apostle Paul referred to when he told Timothy to, “…keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called. (1 Timothy 6:20)” True science does not oppose the Bible, but false science does.

The term, “creation science,” refers to the area of study in which science is used to give evidences to the creation of all things by God himself, who was the designer and Creator of all things. This book is not intended to give a thorough analysis of creation science, but it may be included in that branch of study, and may be accurately portrayed as a creation science book. For more information about creation science as a whole, please refer to the appendix (page 73) for a list of books and resources on creation science.
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