Chapter One - Introduction

The purpose of this book is to plainly express and concisely explain the Hydroplate Theory. The Hydroplate Theory is a scientific theory which attempts to explain the cause, effects, and results of the global flood in the days of Noah. The explanation is based on scientific evidence which harmonizes with Bible scripture. Primarily, the theory seeks to answer the questions: Where did the water (of the global flood) come from, and where did it go? The theory has been proposed by Dr. Walt Brown of the Center for Scientific Creation (CSC), and it is thoroughly and completely explained in his book, In the Beginning.

Dr. Brown’s book is quite comprehensive and it is full of technical references and mathematical equations to keep even the most learned scientist busy. However, even though the basic portions of his book were written in such a manner that the average high school graduate may understand it, I have encountered many individuals who are interested in the subject, but are intimidated by the sheer size, scope, and content of In the Beginning. It seemed good to me to create another book, written at a basic reading level (7th-8th grade as newspapers are written), so that anyone could read and plainly understand the theory. This is the purpose and the reasoning behind this book. This book attempts to plainly describe the content of the Hydroplate Theory by explaining “what happened,” without regards to “how or why” these things happened. Those who desire to further inspect and learn the details of the theory should refer to Dr. Brown’s book, In the Beginning which can be obtained from the Center for Scientific Creation (CSC).

On a personal level, I would like to say that I am thoroughly convinced that the Hydroplate Theory is, at least on a fundamental level, highly accurate. Having looked at the many theories which attempt to explain the global flood, I feel very strongly that the evidence both scientifically and (more importantly) biblically, is overwhelmingly in support of this theory.

Additionally, I believe that the study and explanation of Creation and the origins of life and the world are not only beneficial to Christianity, but essential to the vitality and strength of future generations of the church of the living God. It is my prayer that this book will help to fill the void for those who desire to better comprehend this subject and teach it to others, but have previously felt unable to grasp the levels of technological explanations generally used in such studies.

May the Lord himself bless the reader, and give you a better understanding of God’s power and glory.
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