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This short booklet may turn out to have a profound impact on your life. As the blurb on the bottom of the cover mentions:

This is the only book available anywhere with a guaranteed, fail-proof secret to losing weight permanently.

This is not hyperbole. The secret really is in the book. However, if you are easily offended, then you should not read this book. The word "fat" is repeatedly used without any regard for how it might make people feel.

Author's Before & After Pictures

Pastor Diego Rodriguez explains the only true secret to losing weight in this ground-breaking new book. If you want to see some pictures of Pastor Rodriguez before he lost nearly 100 pounds, click on the pictures below:

Today (After losing nearly 100 lbs):
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Before (click image to zoom):
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These pictures were taken when Diego was not even at his maximum weight of over 270 lbs. We simply couldn't find any pictures of him when he was "maxxed out." These pictures all show him when he was around 250 pounds.
"I have lost over 80 lbs after reading this booklet, and I'm not done yet!" S.D. - Fresno, CA

"Not only did this book help me to lose weight, but more importantly, it caused me to change the way that I think about everything in life." O.M. - Fresno, CA
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