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Jezebel is out to kill you and your walk with God. You need to be prepared! You must be able to identify this spirit! Jezebel is alive and well today.

If somebody was trying to poison you and you didn’t know it, wouldn’t you want to be alerted to that fact? If someone was actually working tirelessly to prevent you from success or achievement, and they were actually succeeding in their efforts, but you were not aware of the source of your misfortune, wouldn’t you want to be made aware? Of course you would!

That is the purpose of this little book. It is nothing more than facts and knowledge. However, knowledge is power, and the knowledge that you receive from these few pages may actually help save your soul…

Beware of that Woman, Jezebel

Author: Diego Rodriguez
Pages: 38
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 0-9788829-5-4

An Important Guide for Everyone Interested in Protecting Their Walk With God
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